mike stewart

Note: this is an archived site. The current site can be found at http://drupalcampla.com.


I'm a dad and a husband. I'm a geek. tinkerer. musician. an artist in earlier life. I like philosophy and love good beer. Sometimes at the same time. I love that I can say I have a BS in Info Systems. haha. I was a Drupal freelancer for a few years. I work with long time friends and folk I know through my years of Drupal. I'm always on the lookout to work with other fun experts (current-or-soon-to-be experts) of their domain. Designer? Themer? Code head? Do-er? Let's connect.

I can be found on IRC as mikestewart (or MediaDoneRight).

Here be dragons

I'm a free software advocate. I think Benjamin Franklin would have been too...

Drupal is one of many great open source projects. However, sometimes I notice people using Drupal that are unaware of the negative proprietary and closed practices of Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, Sony, Nintendo, Google, Amazon (AWS), _____ etc. FOSS has grown from playing catch-up into many very mature projects and is now the innovator on many fronts. As time marches on and you're not running FOSS on your "device" for the majority of "what you do," I challenge you to really *ask yourself* why not? And if you continue to justify proprietary/non-free does it ultimately help or hurt you?