Drupal Solutions Mixology

Note: this is an archived site. The current site can be found at http://drupalcampla.com.

We will walk through how you can utilize open source technology, vendors, and other 3rd party services to create the optimal blend of experience, services, and integration for clients while expanding their ability to conduct business and enhance organizational agility and velocity to drive future growth. This means determining where Drupal fits and best to integrate other vendors and services into your crafted services cocktail.

What We will cover:
Understanding your customer’s customer (Persona Story Mapping Overview)
Deciding what your team can/want to deliver
Selecting you Base Services (What services meet the needs of these personas?)
Adding Drupal to the Mix (What needs does Drupal solve or what needs does Drupal create?)
Partnering with the right vendors (Vendor selection)
Creating your unique offering (Building your service proposal)
Evolving your new offering as client tastes change (Long term planning)

Who is this for?
Teams struggling to up-sell clients beyond just a standard website
Teams looking to expand services beyond Drupal implementation

Like any good bartender, Drupalers need to keep not only the straight, top-shelf Drupal experience at the ready; but we also need to be prepared to make "Drupal cocktails" appealing to different client palates. This comes down to looking at the resources available “behind the bar” to present a unique mix of experience, services, and vendors matching client needs.

Business and Strategy
One hour