Drupal 8 entities: Making programming fun again!

Note: this is an archived site. The current site can be found at http://drupalcampla.com.
EH 1200

Entities? What are they? Content of course! And Drupal makes it super easy to make content with node entities.

But what if your 'content' doesn't fit the standard definition of a node? Over the past year, I've had to create custom entities in both Drupal 7 and 8 for such content (a badging / rewards system for Drupal 7, and now Fonts with @font-your-face for Drupal 8). The entity api that existed for Drupal 7 left a lot to be desired and was surprisingly difficult to work with. And on the surface, Drupal 8 can seem very daunting, and programming on Drupal 8 even more so. But I am here to help guide the way and ease your fears. Creating your own custom entities in Drupal 8 are easy thanks to the Drupal Console project and, for the developer that I know is there within you, a lot of fun!

In this talk, we will go through two types of entities that exist (time permitting):

  • 'Content' Entities (where content means what YOU need it to mean)
  • Configuration Entities (IMO a real gem of Drupal 8)

We'll go though how it works, how you can use the Drupal console to get you started, and, once some of the core dev work is out of the way, watch its magic as you can create fields, views, and so much more! And in the case of config entities, watch it create your configuration. If there is even more time, I will show some bonus magic :D

Code and Development
One hour
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