Drupal 8 in a Day! (all-day free training)

Note: this is an archived site. The current site can be found at http://drupalcampla.com.
ELH 110

Are you new to Drupal?
Do you have experience with Drupal 6 or 7 and want to dive head first into Drupal 8 site building?
Then this all day event is for you. =)

This course will be a fast track covering the fundamentals of Drupal site building using Drupal 8 with an emphasis on using mobile devices to manage and curate content.
By the end of our session you will have a working "mobile friendly" Drupal 8 site on Acquia's DevCloud.

The event will be broken up into 1 hour topics with 5-10 minute breaks in between so you can hangout in the hallway with the rest of the Campers.

Space is limited, so sign up today!

Prepare for training : Acquia Dev Cloud (free)

Acquia Dev cloud is a cloud hosted environment where you can spin up a free hosting account to build and test your new website.
Please follow the Video instructions link below for setting up this account.

Video Link (5 mins)

Noting, There is one important step you have to make to allow your site to install "Modules"

Prepare for training : Acquia Dev Desktop

Save time and pre-install Acquia Dev Desktop before you arrive. https://dev.acquia.com/downloads

Acquia Dev Desktop is a free app that allows you to run and develop Drupal sites locally on your computer and optionally host them using Acquia Cloud. Use Acquia Dev Desktop to evaluate Drupal, add and test other Drupal modules, and develop sites while on a plane or away from an internet connection.

Once Dev Desktop is installed, its welcome wizard helps you configure a Drupal website on your Mac or Windows computer using either your choice of several popular Drupal distributions.

What's included:

  • Dev Desktop App: The heart of Dev Desktop, the app lets you manage your local or cloud-based sites, including Drupal multisite, and optionally synchronize them with Acquia Cloud. App updates are checked automatically.
  • Apache web server: The world's most popular web server
  • Percona MySQL database server: The world's most popular database server
  • PHP: Multiple versions of the programming language that powers Drupal
  • phpMyAdmin: A popular MySQL management and query tool


  • 9:00 am setup and install Acquia Dev Desktop or Acquia Dev Cloud if you have not already.
  • 10:00 am - Intro Slide deck (20min) (this is where you drink your second cup of coffee while I blab on about Drupal)
  • More to come as we finalize our schedule

* hourly topics and details forthcoming.

Items required to attend:
- Yourself (no holo projections please)
- A working laptop with wifi capabilities, Tablets should be ok :)
- A mobile device to check your work. (optional)
- A positive attitude. =)

Site Building
One hour


Hello :)

I will ask everyone to stay tuned as I will be providing instructions the week prior to the Camp on how to get your site setup. This will help speed things up during the day of the event. :)

Feel free to ping me with any questions ahead of time.

Great questions Susan!

I will be putting out a video later this evening on how to prepare for Saturday's training.

At this time you do not need to install lightning as this is "distribution" of Drupal (put out by the company I work for) We are going to be covering Drupal 8 Core site building only during our training, but I am happy to take questions about lighting during our training.


Hello everyone that has already Signed up!

Here is a link to preparing your site before our training on Saturday: http://www.screencast.com/t/dNyjqFcMJbVm

Dont worry, if for some reason you get stuck on this before our training, you can show up at 9am for the "installfest" where we can help you get your site ready to build.

I look forward to helping you build your first Drupal 8 site!


I have a commitment and may not be able to stay for this whole section, what will be covered? Will it be podcaster, or recorded?


This will not be recorded due to the length and post-production work that would be needed to share and publish. (unless anyone wants to help with that part! *wink* )

If you are around for the first and second hour I will point out all of the formal Drupal training options available to you. Most of which, will cover exactly the same topics what I am covering.


Hi Mariano,

Thank you for answering my questions about the maintenance section and the staging area during the first half of class last Saturday. Unfortunately, we had to leave unexpectedly and could not attend the second half of the day or Sunday. Have not had a chance to explore the Acquia video training online but will be checking it out soon.

Hope the rest of the event was a success!

Thanks again,