Cracking the Shell: Command Line for the Drupaler

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EH 1200

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could type one command that booted your vagrant box, started displaying watchdog logs, set up the correct Drush alias, and provided easy access to your remote servers? Sounds nice, right? Or maybe you use tools like Grunt, Gulp, or Sass. What if you could launch all of your tools for a project with one command? In this session attendees with see how I use the terminal every day to get work done efficiently and effectively. We will discuss an array of command line tools and how you can set up a very efficient work flow for your projects.

Who is this session for?

Anyone that uses the command line or wants to use the command line more. This talk will have something for beginner command line users to advanced.

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What you will learn?

  • Attendees will learn how they can use free command line applications to get work done.
  • Attendees will learn how to better use the command line tools they already know.
  • Attendees will also learn how to make their command line behave the way they want it to with customizations for their own needs.
  • I guarantee attendees will walk away with at least one new tip, trick, or tool.

Some of the tools we will cover


  • Why you should invest time in learning command line tools.
  • Switching projects quickly.
  • Keeping your projects separated.
  • Git tips and tricks.
  • Building your own shell based IDE.
  • Using Vim as your main editor and IDE for Drupal work.
Code and Development
One hour