Component-driven Drupal theming

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ECT 123

Modern front-end development has become a complicated mix of fast-moving technologies. The challenge for front-end developers is trying to keep up with the latest changes in Front-end. How do you find and learn about the best tools and techniques? And even after we've learned a new tool, it can feel like our skills are soon out-dated.

This session will expose you to the latest trends in front-end development and in particular, theming a Drupal website. We will discuss how building components vs. pages to theme a Drupal site can dramatically improve usability, flexibility and long term maintenance of your website. By building components through the use of style guides you can turn a large complicated project into a more manageable project.

Topics we will cover:

  • Components
  • Styleguide - KSS Node
  • Twig
  • NPM, Node and Gulp

In going through the material, we'll touch on BEM, libSass, KSS, Gulp.js, autoprefixer, npm and more.

Additional benefits of this approach is that we eliminate as much CSS nesting as possible and our styles become flatter and easier to manage and override. Better markup is also an advantage.

Front End
90 minutes
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