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Backdrop CMS is the Drupal fork. Based on the familiar APIs of Drupal 7, Backdrop provides a more compatible and more affordable alternative for upgrading existing Drupal sites.
Backdrop CMS is a faster and less-complex version of Drupal 7 with Panels, Views, and Configuration Management in core.

But Backdrop CMS is already at version 1.4. Lots of new core features have been added since it's release: a built-in Rich-Text editor, built-in auto URL aliasing and page redirects, and a project browser for adding new modules, themes, and layouts directly from your site. Backdrop includes an updated administrative theme, dozens of UX improvements, and improved APIs for developers too!

At the same time, Backdrop CMS always provides an upgrade path (via update.php) and maintains a high amount of compatibility between versions (and between Drupal 7 and Backdrop CMS). Decreasing the amount of time spent on development, both to in building the site and in maintaining it, should help bring down the cost of long-term website ownership.

Hundreds of sites are now running on Backdrop CMS. Come and see if it's a match for your next project!

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I guess it depends what you mean by "directly" compatible. You can't drop them in and turn them on, you'll need to make a change to the .info file so that the system will recognize that they are Backdrop modules. Beyond that, it depends on the module! The differences are very minor, most field modules will "just work", but many others may need further adjustments.